Energy Predicament
Energy: the capacity of matter or radiation to perform physical work oil scarcity
Predicament: an unpleasantly difficult or complicated situation
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It is said that we live in an information economy. But the High gas pricesinformation economy and the manufacturing economy before it were built on abundant supplies of inexpensive energy. There is growing evidence that the era of cheap and plentiful energy is coming to an end. Look around - you can see the signs yourself.

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The Age of the Energy Predicament

The Energy Predicament is serious now, but the consequences are only starting to reveal themselves. The most serious consequences will likely not be evident for years, but the longer we wait, the tougher they are to deal with. It is a complicated issue, with interrelationships between electricity, natural gas, transportation, infrastructure, and other areas. This issue is starting to receive some visibility and people are starting to ask questions. Do you have the answers?

Should you be concerned?
Yes! Most people assume that since we always had energy in the past, we will always have energy in the future. But experts worldwide, including scientists, investment bankers, and geologists postulate that world supplies of oil and natural gas are reaching their daily production limits. Which is a fancy way of saying what you've probably observed yourself - energy prices are going up. Even economists admit that as supplies tighten there could be profound economic implications for how you work, live, do business, and purchase goods.

Your group needs this presentation!
We won’t just leave you hanging. In addition to describing possible energy scenarios, in the interactive portion of this session, you will identify both familiar and new actions you can take to help secure your organization’s and your own energy future.

Who is behind this information?
Physicist, professional speaker and author Randy Park from Thinking for Results started researching world energy production and consumption in 2004. As both a physicist and an expert in how people think and make decisions, Randy became extremely concerned that not enough big picture thinking was going into our energy situation.

Thinking for Results is about mastering unrecognized obstacles to future success. For most businesses, indeed for Western society, the predicament we face with energy production and consumption is likely the biggest unrecognized barrier to future success.

Randy Park is the energy specialist at Thinking for Results. He follows and analyzes energy supply and demand issues and the often obscure interrelationships between oil, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, transportation, and the economy. He cuts through the spin, delusions, and just plain fantasies that are all too common in the energy discussion these days.

A straight talker, Randy's greatest strength is taking complex issues like the Energy Predicament and distilling them down to the essentials. He is a frequent media commentator on energy issues. His presentations are interactive and entertaining. You won’t look at your energy situation the same way again.

"Randy's presentations are "Down to Earth" refreshing. His latest presentation "Energy Predicament" was truly thought provoking, making us all aware that our limitless thirst and consumption of fossil fuel, may soon have to come to a screeching halt unless there is change. Randy was able to present this serious subject in a very entertaining way."

Jack A. Vincent, Sage Metering Inc.

"Randy Park has been our keynote and guest speaker on several occasions. His presentations have always been inspiring, informative and very worthwhile. During his most recent session with our group, Randy's presentation covering our "Energy Predicament" was not only thoroughly enjoyable, but also very thought provoking. Two-thumbs-up for Randy Park."

Wally Nickel, ISA Hamilton.

"Many thanks for your interesting and thought provoking talk on the energy situation both locally and worldwide.As you know I have worked in the energy industry throughout my career and am well aware of the need for conservation.What did escape was the realization that some of the proposed solutions and alternate fuels could be problematic in themselves."

Frank Allison


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